April 24, 2019

David Tuller, DrPH

David Tuller, DrPH, is a senior fellow in public health and journalism at the Center for Global Public Health, School of Public Health, UC Berkeley. He was a reporter and editor for 10 years at the San Francisco Chronicle, served as health editor at Salon.com, and frequently writes about health for The New York Times.


  • What's Making Us Fat?

    What's Making Us Fat?

    by David Tuller, DrPH

    Pat Crawford, DrPH, RD, senior director of research at the Nutrition Policy Institute at UC Berkeley, discusses the obesity epidemic, why nutrition research is so confusing, and the importance of federal nutrition guidelines.

  • The 2016 Election Results and Public Health

    The 2016 Election Results and Public Health

    by David Tuller, DrPH

    Anthony Iton, MD, JD, a senior vice president at the California Endowment, spoke with us about the impact the election of Donald Trump could have on public health—and what organizations like his are doing to protect the social safety net.