June 24, 2018

Erica Ilton, RDN, CDN

Erica Ilton has a private nutrition practice in New York City and is the Lead Dietitian at FODMAP Everyday, a website devoted to low FODMAP diet education and recipes. Her previous positions include Clinical Nutrition Coordinator for the Department of Gastroenterology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City and contributing producer for NPR's Science Friday and WNYC/New York Public Radio. Her articles have appeared on FODMAPeveryday.com and in Parade, Self, and Woman's Day.


  • Dietitian vs. Nutritionist
    Ask Berkeley Wellness

    Dietitian vs. Nutritionist

    by Erica Ilton, RDN, CDN

    What’s the difference between a “registered dietitian” and a “registered dietitian nutritionist”? Are "nutritionists" the same as "dietitians"? We sorted out the often-confusing credentials of nutrition professionals.

  • Ostrich: A Better Red Meat?

    Ostrich: A Better Red Meat?

    by Erica Ilton, RDN, CDN

    These large flightless African birds are raised on farms for their meat, eggs, feathers, and hides. Ostrich meat is classified as poultry and is nutritionally similar to poultry. But it’s more like beef in color, texture, and taste.