August 14, 2018



  • Squatting & Constipation
    Ask the Experts

    Squatting & Constipation

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Is squatting a better way to go to the bathroom, and can it help with constipation? Our experts weigh on whether this position offers benefits.

  • Get the Scoop on Poop

    Get the Scoop on Poop

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Defecation is taboo as a subject for polite conversation, but most of us nevertheless wonder what qualifies as normal and what stool reveals about health. Here, nine questions about bowel movements—and the surprising answers.

  • A Rough Guide to Fiber

    A Rough Guide to Fiber

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Unlike fats, carbohydrates and protein, most fiber is not broken down as it passes through the small intestine; hence, it supplies no nutrients or calories. Even so, health experts continue to extol its virtues.