March 22, 2019
Lunch at office
Wellness Tip

Make Lunch Your Main Meal for Weight Control

by Berkeley Wellness  

Trying to lose weight? Making lunch your main meal may help more than eating the most calories at dinner, suggests an Iranian study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Sixty-nine healthy overweight or moderately obese women took part in a sensible clinic-based weight-loss program; half were told to make lunch their biggest meal, the other half dinner. They chose their own food but got guidance from nutritionists and were encouraged to exercise.

Though there were no significant differences in their calorie or macronutrient intakes, after 12 weeks the lunch group lost 3 pounds more, on average, than the dinner group (9.5 vs. 12.5 pounds) and had a greater improvement in insulin sensitivity. Longer-term research is needed to determine if these results can be maintained and generalized.

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