August 16, 2017





  • Sweet News About Chocolate

    Sweet News About Chocolate

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Several recent large-scale research reviews have provided the best evidence yet that chocolate is good for your heart. But before you visit the candy store, find out what science says about the upsides—and downsides—of this sweet treat. there are some caveats.

  • Imitation Crabmeat
    Ask the Experts

    Imitation Crabmeat

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Imitation crabmeat, also known as surimi, offers good-quality protein, but not as much as other seafood does. And it's awfully high in sodium.

  • Restaurant Menu Manipulation

    Restaurant Menu Manipulation

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Restaurant menus are often set up to try to draw attention to items that eateries want to sell most—it's a field called menu psychology. Are you being influenced by these strategies?