April 19, 2019

men's health


  • Sex Boosters in a Bottle?

    Sex Boosters in a Bottle?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Many men yearn for a better sex life, at least if the growing number of ads and websites promoting performance-boosting supplements is any measure. Are you getting what you expect in these pills?

  • On PSA and Screening
    Be Well

    On PSA and Screening

    by John Swartzberg, M.D.

    You may still be confused about the PSA screening for prostate cancer and whether you (or, if you’re a woman, the men you care about) should be tested. I still debate about it in my head, and with my own doctor.

  • Baldness & Your Heart
    Wellness Tip

    Baldness & Your Heart

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Is there a link between hair loss in men and coronary artery disease? Recent research suggests that there may be a connection, but only in certain cases.