December 11, 2018




  • Turkey Enchiladas

    Turkey Enchiladas

    by Berkeley Wellness

    The sauce for most enchiladas is a simple chili-based sauce, but we’ve taken the opportunity to get vegetables into the mix, adding puréed roasted vegetables to the usual enchilada sauce ingredients.

  • Osteoporosis: Not Just for Women

    Osteoporosis: Not Just for Women

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Osteoporosis is largely seen as a disease of women. But about one-third of all osteoporotic hip fractures worldwide occur in men, who are far less likely to be assessed and treated than women.

  • Getting Fit For Life

    Getting Fit For Life

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Many Americans see exercise as a fad or chore. But being physically active is natural for humans, as it is for all animals. There are four main elements of fitness, and we need all of them to be truly fit.