March 22, 2019
Smart Supplement Steps

Smart Supplement Steps

by Berkeley Wellness  

Keep the following tips in mind if you’re thinking of purchasing and taking supplements:

  • Be wary of anecdotal evidence and celebrity endorsements, often found on the Internet. Testimonials are never enough. You can never be sure whether a testimonial was paid for or simply made up by a copywriter. And for every person who was helped, 10 may have seen no benefit or even gotten worse. Such negative results never turn up on a website or in advertisements.
  • Be wary of anti-aging claims. So far there is no supplement or any known substance that will keep you young.
  • Be skeptical of claims made in ads and on websites. Be especially wary if one tells you that doctors are lying to you because they don’t want you to know about this miracle cure; you can safely assume this is quackery.
  • Talk to your doctor. Tell your doctor and/or pharmacist about any supplements you are taking. Many supplements, notably herbal products, can have adverse effects when taken with prescription drugs. And don’t rely on supplements to self-treat a serious health problem—see your doctor for a proper diagnosis and recommendations on treatment.