March 22, 2019
Live Longer, Better with Healthy Lifestyle
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Live Longer, Better with Healthy Lifestyle

by Berkeley Wellness  

Older people with a healthy lifestyle tend not only to live longer but also to have fewer years of disability near the end of life, accord­ing to an analysis from the Cardiovascular Health Study, published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

Researchers followed 5,248 people ages 65 and older for 25 years and found that women averaged 4.5 years of disability, men 2.9 years. Disability was defined as difficulty with activities such as dressing and walking.

Lifestyle factors that added disability-free years included:

• Maintaining a healthy weight.

• Having a high-quality diet.

• Staying physically active.

• Staying socially connected.

On average, a healthy life­style was found to add five to six disability-free years.

Decreasing the number of years spent disabled at the end of life is a highly desirable outcome that researchers call “compression of morbidity.”

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