August 16, 2017



  • Exercise and Sleep
    Ask the Experts

    Exercise and Sleep

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Standard sleep advice says you shouldn’t exercise moderately or vigorously within a few hours of bedtime. But surprisingly, most studies have found that early evening exercise does not impair sleep quality.

  • What is Weight-Bearing Exercise?

    What is Weight-Bearing Exercise?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    What counts as weight-bearing exercise, the kind recommended to help keep bones strong? It's any sustained activity that you do against the force of gravity, which is essential for maintaining bone mineral density.

  • Walk for Your Back
    Wellness Tip

    Walk for Your Back

    by Berkeley Wellness

    If you have chronic low back pain, a strength-training program that targets abs and back muscles may help. But there might also be a simpler solution.